We get it, everyone and their moms today is looking for some kind of handout. Everyone is broke and trying to find some way to make a buck and do what they love. To be completely honest, we are not much different. We have a passion to bring you good quality content in the form of the Taileaters website, the Cosmic Echo Podcast, and services that support the Taileaters community. With that being said, all the services do cost us some money and time and because of that, we ask that if someone is willing to give back to us they give back by donating.

Why should I give?

Everything that is in the Taileaters network is free to access and will always be that way. It is supported through donation only. We receive no additional funding outside of donations to keep things going. We are also a very small team of individuals who work hard to bring quality content about all things consciousness related. If you find what you read or take part in through the Taileaters network is helping you in some way, then please think about supporting us with whatever you can to continue allowing us to help others in the future.

How to Donate?

There are a few ways that you can donate and give back to us.


Donating to our Patreon page makes it easy to give a small monthly contribution which continues to help us out over time. You can give back as much or as little as you want this way and we even include a few rewards such as shoutouts on the podcast, blog posts, and even the Taileaters Talisman which is only provided to specific members of Taileaters and serious supporters.

paypal donation


If a one-time donation is your type of thing, then we offer a way for you to give back through PayPal. You can set the amount you are donating and once you hit send you are done making your contribution, never to have to worry about being charged again. Whatever you decide to give is greatly appreciated.

your time

No money, no problem. If you want to help out in other ways we could sure use your time and energy in helping us out. If you have some skills in editing, artwork, production, marketing, advertising, writing, etc, we would be glad to have you on the team. We only are looking for serious contributors who have the time and energy to spare, so please make sure you are ready for the challenge. If you are, contact us on our Facebook Page.

Where does my donation go?

We try our best to be as transparent as possible. That is why we make sure that you know what your donation is doing for us. Most of the money that we receive from supporters go to services, such as server hosting, art and editing programs, online meeting programs for podcast interviewing.

Additionally, we spend some of the money on marketing and promotions to improve the traffic that we receive on the site and increase our visibility and communication lines through the internet.

Last, as we continue to expand we hope to receive professional help on editing and writing so that we can generate additional content for our readers and listeners. We may look professional and big, but rest assured, all of this content is produced by donations only. We receive no funding from publishers or companies outside the Taileaters organization.

We appreciate everything you can give, as it pushes us forward to continue making great content and building a wonderful community. Your contribution no matter how small or large is a way to tell us we are doing something right. We truly appreciate that.


Taileaters critically explores the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states.

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