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A Tribe of Explorers


Taileaters is a group of individuals who have come together with the shared goal of raising awareness about is what is often talked about as a spiritual awaking. Many of us like yourself have either started on the path of a spiritual awaking or have gone through the process in our own lives. We do not represent any specific religious groups, rather we hope to share our practical philosophies through personal experience and self-exploration. Taileaters only dogma is that we should use our minds, our spirits, and the tools at our disposal, effectively, safely, responsibly, and for the betterment of ourselves and humanity.


Taileaters members bring to the group their own unique skills and expertise and agree to share that knowledge, and any input they may have, in a cooperative and respectful manner.

Taileaters wishes to continue to grow. We wish to reach as many individuals who share our mission as we are capable of reaching. We hope to continue bringing people closer together who seek to grow, learn, and explore consciousness together.


Taileaters applies a scientific viewpoint on the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states. 

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