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On average people spend about twenty percent of their lives asleep, unable to recall their dreams, or even understand what happens when they sleep. What if you could remember that part of your life, control or explore the dream world, or a even travel outside your reality into the unknown each night you sleep. It is possible to learn the skills to have a lucid dream and more…

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Grounding Training

Many of us in our busy world spent an incredible amount of time peering into things that seem important to us but take away from our well being. These activities force us to be ungrounded, feel separated from who we are, and make us feel as though we are not succeeding in what is essential in our lives. Grounding ourselves on the things that are important and lasting in our lives, can help heal us.

We can teach you some essential skills that can help you to achieve proper grounding improving your focus and overall well-being. 

Get Better Sleep

About thirty-five percent of Americans feel their sleep is inadequate when they wake up in the morning. Sleep is an important part of our lives. Long-term memories are thought to be converted from short-term memory during this time. Additionally, having poor sleep has been known to attribute to obesity and cardiac related conditions.

With proper training, you can learn to drastically decrease the amount of time it takes you to not only to fall asleep but also to wake up well rested. This can improve your mood, your daily productiveness, and overall your quality of life.

Explore Inwards

With grounded mindfulness training as well as Lucid Dreaming you can start to become more aware of your consciousness and build a stronger relationship with your sense of self. In Lucid Dreaming, you will have the ability to ask your inner self, your archetypes, questions that are important to you, and learn how you can be a complete person.

Our skilled Lucid Dreamers and Dream Yoga practitioners can help you learn how to start your own practice of understanding who you truly are. This can improve your creativeness as well as your overall imaginative abilities.

Explore Outwards

If Lucid Dreaming is not enough, then having Out of Body Experiences can show you what is beyond, bringing you into the collective consciousness of others, as well as experiences far past your own imagination. Having an Out of Body Experience can show us what is beyond ourselves and allow us to explore the unknown.

Anyone can be taught to have an Out of Body Experience and our team is made up of skilled practitioners who can train you today.

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Amazing Success Stories

“I had an Out of Body Experience. I went to the door to the outside of my house and walked through it. I met an older woman which told me her name was Jabooty. I asked her if I had known her before, she said yes. I asked her what I should do with my life and she said that it’s very simple what we should all do with our lives, we should enjoy it and take care of it. She said she had to go because she was playing games with some kids.”

Many people have had success using our techniques in order to have either their first Out of Body Experience or increase the number of experiences they have had. Our team have spent over a decade researching the most effective ways to improve your sleep, induce a lucid dream, or have an Out of Body Experience.

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Get Started on Your Adventure

If it’s learning to have a better nights rest, to having an Out of Body Experience, everything that you learn from us will greatly improve your ability to understand yourself. Understanding your sleep and being more aware of yourself while you are dreaming can dramatically change your understanding of who you are and what you end up doing with your life.

There are countless stories of individuals who have started to practice dream yoga who have fundamentally changed their perspective on life, even helping them overcome depression and fear-based anxiety. If you are looking for something more in your life and feel out of touch with yourself, maybe a deeper dream practice if for you.

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Taileaters applies a scientific viewpoint on the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states.

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