Female Ayahuasca Shaman

In this episode, we had the pleasure to speak with Virginia Burg who is a practicing female ayahuasca Shaman in Peru. In the interview, we talk to her about her current projects, her life as a Shaman, as well as some of the plant diets that she has experienced. Virginia is a wonderful woman and has so much to teach.

Virginia is presently in Peru supervising the growing process of Nete Ibo. She received the information for the project from the plants during the second half of her one-year traditional diet under the guidance of Maestro Guillermo Kestsembetsa a Master Shaman in traditional plant medicine and who is a Schipibo Indian.

Through this, they founded Luz Cosmico where she later did a two-year apprenticeship diet dieting the following plants: toe, marose, pinon blanko, chai, tobacco, aire-sacho cosmico, ayahuma, coca, matiko, aho sacho.

Deeply passionate about plants, as a female ayahuasca Shaman, she strives to empower people with honest and authentic information in this field and work with ayahuasca. She is also involved in projects which support indigenous people in preserving their territories, culture and knowledge dedicating all of her time, energy and material resources. Virginia strongly emphasizes the necessity for education and transparency in all aspects of plant medicine.

Virginia’s current projects are Nete Ibo: A community in the Amazon where people of all nations can live and learn from the plants as well as each other. Becoming a Shaman: Her journey through her own journals that show the person though and powerful transformation that the plants helped her receive.

Additionally, Virginia is currently working on The Luz Cosmica Experiment which consists of four journals (over 600 pages)handwritten by Virginia, an Amazonian Shaman, describing her history as an apprentice and shaman in Peru.  During her apprenticeship, Virginia wrote a number of very detailed notes and letters about her experiences.  These notes provide a gifted overview of the shamanic experience as well as the drama and politics involved in the indigenous healing community.

If you are interested in supporting Virginia and her work, please contact her through her Facebook page.

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