Do Dreams Have Meaning?

Dreams speak to us through symbols that affect our sleeping life and our waking life. Our goal is to teach you to understand those symbols.

Do Dreams Have Meaning?

Dreams speak to us through symbolic images and themes which affect not only our sleeping life but our waking life as well. Our goal is to reconnect you with what meaning is so that you can improve your waking life while building a relationship with your dreaming mind.

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Lee Adams

Lee Adams

Sleep and Dream Coach

Lee Adams is the author of A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming and a Ph.D.  candidate in Jungian Psychology and Archetypal Studies. He has been actively researching, practicing, and teaching sleep and dream hygiene for over twenty years. 


What People Are Saying

“Sleep and dream coaching offers experiential discovery into the overlapping features of conscious and unconscious material between waking life, dreamscapes, surrealities, and the dreamy body itself. To drop into our body during a dream is a far more intense experience than the mental aspect of lucidity.

Leticia E Gomez

“After contacting Lee for advice regarding dreams, I found he had a lot of insight into consciousness and the mind. Because of his techniques and suggestions, I’ve been able to look at the subconscious aspects of myself in a new and positive way. His attentiveness and support throughout our interactions provides a comfortable and meaningful setting to explore the inner reaches of one’s mind. He provided me with a whole new outlook on dreams, how they interact with us, and how we can learn to interpret them to better our lives. This knowledge has been invaluable in furthering my understanding of myself and it has altered the way I look at reality as a whole.”

Chrissy Broderick

I have initially contacted Lee for guidance towards becoming a lucid dreamer, for health-related reasons. I found that Lee has deep understanding in the dreaming field and in studying the consciousness/the state of existence. I highly recommend hiring Lee for coaching as you’ll inevitably realize that his knowledge and experience are priceless.

Maroon Ayoub

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A unique process for each customer

When it comes to improving sleep quality and understanding the dream content, we know the importance to make large positive changes as quickly as possible. Our one-on-one coaching is unique to your lifestyle and situation to make quick positive improvements that will support your needs.

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About Us

Professional sleep and dream coaching

We work in a different way than traditional sleep medicine to get you on track for having better overall sleep and improving mental health issues. Most psychologists and sleep doctors ignore the importance of the messages in dreams and overall lifestyle. We take a holistic approach to improving your sleep and dream health by looking at every aspect of your life. Our process includes looking into overall sleep hygiene, thoughts, psychology, and your dream content. By following this technique we can make changes to sleep and awake behaviors that are oftentimes missed by the medical community.

I want nothing more than to work with you to help you get better sleep and understand your dreams to improve your overall health.

Lee Adams, Sleep and Lucid Dream Coach

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How we make changes

Our Holistic Approach

Dream Content

What are your dreams trying to tell you? Dreams are important and building a relationship with them is essential into understanding yourself.


We explore your thoughts and perspectives and challenge you to see the world around you in a different light.

Sleep Hygiene

We guide you in learning what it means to have positive sleep behaviors which can impact your overall quality of sleep.


What sleep and dream coaching can do for you

More Energy

Improve your overall productivity during your waking life

Positive Attitude

Improve your outlook in life by reducing nightmares and unwanted thoughts

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Beauty of Body

Allow your body to repair itself which happens during deep sleep

Mind & Soul

Stop feeling drained and renew your vigor for life.

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