Cosmic Awakening Counseling


This offer includes the following:

  • Four 30-minute phone calls to discuss any particular topic that can help you dive deeper into your understanding of yourself.
  • Includes personal email correspondence, online chats, and text messages, not limited to the 30-minute phone calls.

Topics could include:

  • How to Lucid Dream / Dream Interpretation
  • Mediation Techniques
  • Chakra Work
  • PTSD and Depression Work


About your Guide:

Lee Adams is a well-respected figure in Jungian psychology and archetypal studies and has spent many years researching and practicing spirituality-related techniques. He has also written a book on lucid dreaming and has experience helping others with their spiritual inquiries.

I work with clients on the following modalities:

Spiritual Guide Tacoma WashingtonMeditation
One of the main reasons our minds tend to be overactive is because of the way we breathe. By paying closer attention to our breath and practicing techniques like pranayama, we can alter our body’s chemistry and relax the vagus nerve, leading to a reduction in stress and a calming of the “monkey mind.” As a spiritual guide, I often teach these breathing techniques to help people modify their behaviors and moods. Even a few minutes of practice each day can bring about significant changes. With continued practice, it is possible to reach deeper meditative states like Heart Rate Variability and samadhi.


Spiritual Guide Gig Harbor WashingtonDreams
Exploring the realm of dreams can be a fulfilling and enriching experience, as dreams offer a window into our inner psyche and can contain deep, symbolic meaning. Many ancient and indigenous cultures believed that dreams were a way of accessing other dimensions or realms of reality. Working with dreams can help bring more awareness and understanding into the dream and waking worlds. As a dream guide, I assist people in developing techniques for achieving lucidity in their dreams and experiencing phenomena such as out-of-body experiences and astral projection. I also work with clients to help them build spiritual practices that can continue to serve them beyond physical death.

Spiritual Guide Heart ChakraChakra Work
The chakras are believed to be energy centers within the body that correspond to specific areas of the brain’s limbic system. The heart chakra, in particular, is thought to be associated with love and connection to others. When this chakra is open and well-developed, it can help us experience a greater sense of joy and fulfillment in our lives. However, if the heart chakra is closed or not fully developed, it can lead to feelings of pain and suffering. I work with clients to help them clean and open their chakras, including the heart chakra, through sound vibration and chanting practices, which can support their spiritual development.

Work with fear spiritual guideWork on Fear
While fear serves an essential purpose in helping us to stay safe and avoid danger, it can also hold us back and prevent us from thoroughly enjoying life and experiencing spiritual growth. By bringing fear into the light and examining it closely, we can learn to identify it as an ally rather than an enemy and work with it to overcome any blocks it may present. This can be particularly helpful for people who struggle with conditions like PTSD or anxiety. I work with clients to help them develop the skills and understanding needed to work with fear healthily and productively, enabling them to move forward in their spiritual development.