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Recent Discussion Topics

The Age of AI

Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness Anyone interested in artificial intelligence may want to check out this new Youtube series beginning tomorrow.. and Tony Starks is the host, lol.. I'm curious what you guys think.. Will machines with AI develop some form of...

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The Mystery of Free Will: Donald Hoffman

The Mystery of Free Will: Donald Hoffman ​Lucid dreaming is often associated with the ability to control the dream space. Though this is not the definition of lucid dreaming, it often goes hand in hand and is something I disagree that this is the case in all...

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His Dark Materials Lucid Dreaming

His Dark Materials ​New show on HBO, His Dark Materials has a wonderful introduction which I think represents in some very beautifully graphical ways how we as a species interact with our 3-dimensional space, how reality may be represented in our minds, and how we...

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Taileaters critically explores the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states.

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