Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness

Anyone interested in artificial intelligence may want to check out this new Youtube series beginning tomorrow.. and Tony Starks is the host, lol..

I’m curious what you guys think.. Will machines with AI develop some form of consciousness? We see comparisons of the human mind to computers all the time.. but without really understanding what consciousness is, do you consider this comparison correct?

And if machines, such as lifelike robots, do become as highly developed as it seems they are, what will be their status? Once they have mastered social interaction and decision making, will they still be considered “things”?

And don’t forget they will also be trained to learn, as in machine learning.. Which means they will have the capability of thought patterns, in which they can analyze huge amounts of data at incredible speeds.. We have made some incredible breakthroughs with quantum computing in recent years, which to me suggests that technology will surpass the limits of human thinking, perhaps sooner than expected.. Or maybe humans will choose to merge with the technology somehow, and become cyborgs of sorts…

This would change life as we know it.. Hopefully for the better, although there are multiple concerns as you can imagine..

In any case, AI is already just about everywhere.

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