Galantamine Lucid Dreaming

Galantamine Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming without supplements is the ultimate goal, but some people need assistance. When it comes to using supplements you want to use the correct ones, ones that work, and ones that work well. Additionally, you want to use ones have the lowest amount of adverse side effects on your body and mind. When it comes to choosing a supplement that achieves all these traits, galantamine is an excellent choice.

Galantamine Supplement

Galantamine is called a supplement by many but its also a severe medication used for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Galantamine is produced from the extract of the common snowdrop or (Galanthus nivalis) and Red Spider Lilly (Lycoris radiata). Since its first discovery in 1947, galantamine’s primary use was for Alzheimer’s medication but has since been found useful during sleep to improve dream recall.

Galantamine improves the cognitive function of individuals experience cognitive dysfunction by increasing the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine has been found to enhance memory formation not only in waking life but in sleep. You can read our past article on memory and dreaming where you can get a broader picture of this process. Ultimately galantamine improves the overall function of the brain when it comes to memory.


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Galantamine in Lucid Dreaming

Its hard to say why galantamine first started to be used in lucid dreaming, but its safe to say that its use has been rapidly spreading throughout lucid dreaming community. Thomas Yuschak wrote about galantamine and its powerful effects in his book Advanced Lucid Dreaming – The Power of Supplements, which has been an iconic proponent in casual use of galantamine since its publishing in 2006. Most recently the professional research community has taken notice of the possibility for galantamine to be the go-to lucid dreaming supplement.

In August of 2018, an article published in the Journal of Consciousness and Cognition showed that galantamine is about 50% more likely to induce a lucid dreaming experience in an individual than any other statistically beneficial system in lucid dreaming. Another article also published in August of 2018 revealed the same results.

Both of these studies showed that not only does galantamine increase the chances of having a lucid dream, but users have an average of 50% higher likelihood that they will have a lucid dream regardless of their technique. These studies confirm that galantamine is extremely powerful for lucid dreaming.

Galantamine Lucid Dreams

The power of galantamine shown in these studies is apparent, however, what they do not describe very clearly is the difference in dream content and quality while using this supplement. Those who use galantamine describe their dreams as more vivid, longer lasting, and more bizarre.

Using galantamine also can induce the sensation of leaving the body or even a conscious transition from waking to dreaming while utilizing the Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) method.

Took 4mg of galantamine at 5:00 AM. Went back to bed after an hour of staying up. After laying down for about 45 minutes noticed the sensation of falling down and found myself in a blanket of darkness. Saw light and then found myself in my room. Tried to go through the wall but got stuck inside the wall.

To some, this can become very disorientating and also frightening. Additionally false wakings, or waking up in a dream over and over again, also has been due to galantamine lucid dreaming, again becoming disorientating.

Took 4mg of galantamine with a WBTB. Found myself lucid and aware. Traveled outside my window. Found myself waking up. Woke up but soon realized it was another dream. After becoming aware for some time found myself waking up again, realized that I was now in another dream. After again becoming aware I yelled at the sky that I wanted to wake up now. I awoke in reality.

Effects of galantamine reported days after using are common. Individuals reported that galantamine did not produce lucid dreams during the time of use, but the next day. These same individuals repeated their experiments to confirm.

Took a break from galantamine and experienced the sensations of sleep paralysis along with a higher quality of dreams than before. Also noted the ability to stop and start a dream and continuing where I left off after awakening.

As you can see from a few of these examples galantamine is extremely powerful when it comes to lucid dreaming and just like any powerful tool, should be respected.

What is Galantamine Lucid Dreaming?

Galantamine is powerful enough that on its own it will produce results for lucid dreamers. Merely taking 4mg after getting 4-5 hours of quality sleep and waiting an hour before going back to bed seems to be the best way to use this supplement. Some individuals have reported that they need more and less of galantamine to get the lucid results, but it is essential to take breaks from using galantamine. Galantamine will start to build up a tolerance pretty quickly, so waiting 24 hours before using the supplement again regardless of previous results is a good idea. As stated before some individuals have reported that galantamine provides them lucid dreams the next night after pervious use.

  1. Sleep 5-6 hours of sleep
  2. Wake up take 4mg of galantamine
  3. Wait for 45-60 minutes before going back to sleep
  4. Go back to sleep by relaxing, not moving, and focusing on your intention to have a lucid dream


Galantamine Supplement

Galantamine Side Effects

Though many people claim that galantamine is safe for everyone to use, this is not true. Galantamine, as stated before, is a serious medication and should only be taken by those who understand the risks. The FDA provided an excellent overview of the adverse effects of galantamine.

It’s important to realize that most individuals who use galantamine are older than the average lucid dreamer and most likely have health problems which is why they are taking galantamine in the first place. You should still review all the adverse effects before using this powerful lucid dreaming pill.

This article is for informational purposes only. You should conduct your own research to find out if galantamine or other lucid dreaming supplements are okay for you. Each person is different and has their own medical needs. Speak to your doctor before using any supplement regardless of how harmless they seem.

Lee Adams is a Ph.D. candidate in Jungian Psychology and Archetypal Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute and host of Cosmic Echo, a lucid dreaming podcast, and creator of, an online community of lucid dreamers and psychonauts. Lee has been actively researching, practicing, and teaching lucid dreaming for over twenty years.

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