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Taileaters applies a scientific viewpoint on the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states.

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Coca Wine

    Coca Wine "There was nothing of the charlatan in this launcher of a unique business, who was the first to believe in it, and for an advertisement was happy with the portrait and autograph of his friends. Nor was he a patron who was changed by money. No presumption...

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Step 1: The Call to Adventure

  The Call to Adventure“The mythological hero, setting forth from his common-day hut or castle, is lured, carried away, or else voluntarily proceeds, to the threshold of adventure. There he encounters a shadow presence that guards the passage. The hero may defeat or...

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Default Mode Network and Psychedelics

Default Mode Network How Psychedelics Change Our Minds Whenever new research comes out about something in the mass medias eyes that is "exciting" or "unique," people start to spread these concepts with almost religious-like zeal. Scientific terms become buzz words...

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Symbolism: Good and Evil’s Battle

Good and Evil, Self and Ego Understanding the Hero's Journey, within or without, requires understanding and recognizing symbols, the universal language. Carl Jung viewed a major modern problem in psychotherapy, and thus human suffering, as the neverending list of...

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Practices for the Hero’s Journey: The Breath

Practices for the Hero's Journey: The Breath These articles are about various spiritual tools and practices that have helped me further my Hero's Journey, to overcome the monster of inner Depression and my very selfish Ego.   The Sacred Nose In some cultures the nose...

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DMT The Spirit Molecule

DMT The Spirit Molecule Almost 20 years after its publication DMT The Spirit Molecule has undoubtedly found its place among the classics of the psychedelic literature. The author, Psychiatrist Dr. Rick Strassman, takes the reader through a labyrinth of modern brain...

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Taileaters explores the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states.

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