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Taileaters applies a scientific viewpoint on the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states.

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A Modern Need For The Hero’s Journey

Earth is Hiring: Heroes Needed   Imagine there are two distinct ways of viewing the world. The first view, the waking world we spend most conscious time in is the material world, the only world that exists. This view is called materialism, monism, and for whatever...

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Out of Body Experiences With Jade Shaw

Exploring lucid dreams and having Out of Body Experiences can change a persons perception of what is real. In lucid dreams, we can have conversations with aspects of ourselves and change the dream world to be what we want like a virtual reality computer game. In Out...

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The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey Part 1 - The Eternal Story “Whether we listen with aloof amusement to the dreamlike mumbo jumbo of some red-eyed witch doctor of the Congo, or read with cultivated rapture thin translations from the sonnets of the mystic Lao-tse; now and again crack...

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The Importance of Sleep and Dreams with Rubin Naiman

The Importance of Sleep and Dreams People today generally ignore their sleep and dreams. Sleep is viewed as something that is annoying, stops us from attending to things that we believe are important, and if possible would be removed by most people to improve wakeful...

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Changing Our Minds By Don Lattin

Changing Our Minds I first read Don Lattin's book, The Harvard Psychedelic Club, over ten years ago. This book gave me a perspective of the history on psychedelics which was something that a lot of writers, especially journalists, didn't pay a lot of attention to....

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Star Wars Origins

Star Wars Origins The Mythology Behind The Last Jedi Since its conception Star Wars has been an iconic and impactful story that has appealed to audiences around the world. The story that it tells and the heroes that developed throughout the films, books, and cartoons...

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Taileaters applies a scientific viewpoint on the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states.

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