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How to Enter The Spiritual Eye

For the last few months, I have been intensely researching this aspect of the human experience: The Spiritual Eye by some cultures, the blazing star by Masons, the Nimitta by the Buddhist, and seemingly Venus by others. Though many already have seen this “eye,” many don’t understand its cultural importance, practical use, or what makes up this phenomenon. The Spiritual Eye involvement in human evolution is profound. Symbolically it has been used throughout known history by many different cultures. It is also referenced in some of the most profound spiritual texts, and many have used it to extend their dream experiences. Even with all the searching, I have done on this topic; there are still many profound mysteries associated with The Spiritual Eye to which I know no answers. Regardless I would like to discuss some of those things here.


Cultural Appearances of The Spiritual Eye

When tracing the timeline of references to The Spiritual Eye, it appears as far back as ancient spiritual traditions in India. The Bhagavad Gita discusses the importance of The Spiritual Eye and its effects by saying:

Be not satisfied with anything less than Spirit and the bliss of Spirit. Pay no attention to variations of the inner light, but practice concentration on the light of The Spiritual Eye. The light of the eye must be used only to look for God, the One whose presence is hidden on the throne of light. (Chapter VI, God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita by Paramahansa Yogananda, p.612

The Spiritual Eye in Hinduism We can also find The Spiritual Eye’s symbolism and artwork expressed in the Hindu tradition, with depictions of a singular eye in the middle of geometric patterns or the center of the forehead used frequently. The artwork of the spiritual eye is also depicted in Hindu traditions as a golden circle with a blue interior with a white five-pointed star or pentagram in the middle.

Regardless of the order of appearance in human history, the Egyptians often used this spiritual eye in their artwork. The Eye of Horus is believed to be one form of representation of this eye.

The Egyptians also used the pentagram to represent literal stars in the sky, specifically the star Sirius. In Egyptian mythology, Sopdet, the goddess of Sirius, gave birth to Venus. This key element is essential because the same pentagram also depicts Venus in later traditions.

Sirius star spiritual eye pentagram


The Masonic Adoption

The Masons, as a fraternal group, adopted The Spiritual Eye for seemingly unknown reasons, but its use is to represent God in their tradition. They refer to its symbolism as the blazing star or the “Masonic Star of Freemasonry.” The Masonic website expresses the blazing star and its use in their symbolic traditions about Sirus, Saturn, and the Star of Bethlehem. These various references are inaccurate, as a 14-pointed star represents the Star of Bethlehem, and Saturn was never referred to as a five-pointed star throughout history. Other Masonic websites imply similar references to the blazing star, as though they don’t fully understand where the tradition started or why they use the star in their symbolism of God.

Those who have studied the history of Masons understand their origins date back to the Knights Templar, who took their traditions from the mystics of the Jewish religion. The use of the five-pointed star from the Jewish tradition goes back to its original use, the worship of Sirus and Venus. King Solomon specifically built the iconic “Solomon’s Temple” for the conjunction of Venus and Mercury, represented by the Star of Estar, or the eight-pointed star. The conjunction of Venus and Mercury has been seen as a important symbolic event that foretold the birth of Yeshua and other historical events throughout history.


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…Why the Shape?

Throughout my exploration of this topic, I asked myself why these cultures used the pentagram to represent a star or even a planet. Why do the cultures of India believe the third eye looks like a pentagram with this strange circle surrounding it? One possible solution lands in the realm of electrical fields.

When an electrical field is generated, the field takes the form of what is called a torus. Inside the torus, depending on the frequency of the field, it generates a torus knot. This knot is two fields interacting with each other. Several shapes that these torus knots are depicted in sacred geometry and are seen visually by individuals in deep meditational states. One specific torus knot creates a clear pentagram.

Torus Knot Spiritual Eye


In the human brain, several locations have the potential to create a torus knot. Nerves are electrical and chemical and contain small currents that run up and down the human body. When two neural fibers meet and then cross over, they have the potential to have their electrical fields interact and, as a result, create a torus knot. Forrest Knutson informed me that this area of the brain is the corpus callosum. 

Experiencers Describe The Spiritual Eye

When you specifically talk to those who have seen The Spiritual Eye, they imply that, in some cases, you can see a gold circle with a middle star shape in the center. They also describe The Spiritual Eye in many forms as it moves through the center of the circle, and other geometrical figures, including black and white-like checkerboard patterns, the flower of life, and more. I have seen several of these patterns and can verify that the experience is authentic. I have also spoken with many different individuals who can see this phenomenon. The most common remarks are that they see a colored orb in the center of their vision with their eyes closed. When focused on, it can expand, change its pattern and even extend into an eye-open visual hallucination.


I hypothesize that the individual can see the torus knot through the optic system in the brain, seeing the interaction of these fields as they interact with other areas of the brain, specifically with the optic lobes in the back of the brain. I also hypothesize that the changes seen with the meditation process are the electrical field of the brain echoing through the brain’s limbic system as the light vibrates in the cavities filled with cerebral spinal fluid. These images can be anything from the checkered board-like designs, the flower of life patterns, and The Spiritual Eye itself. It’s no random thought of the masons to use a checkered board design with The Spiritual Eye in the center, as this is precisely seen during deep meditation.

A good question is, how do we know that The Spiritual Eye is not imagined? An anecdotal answer to this question is that a person with aphantasia (the inability to create mental images) can still see The Spiritual Eye and after images caused by flame viewing and other lasting visual images impressed on the occipital lobes. This implies that the phenomenon is not imagined but is the possible visible impression of light on the nervous system.

This reasoning for the cause of The Spiritual Eye doesn’t answer an important question, what is the torus knots’ importance to spiritual or otherworldy experiences? Dan Winter, a modern mad scientist, provides us with some possibilities. He explains in numerous papers and videos that torus knots portals to another dimension. He also implies that imagination is a way of peering into another dimension. Others are starting to agree with Dan and his ideas.

What is the Use?

Regardless of the physical reasons why this specific visual effect of The Spiritual Eye exists, its uses throughout history are precise. Focusing on this phenomenon produces some extraordinary results. From my personal experience, I have had many profound experiences using the spiritual eye as a gateway into a lucid dream. The process of how I have done this is straightforward yet hard to master.

For most of my life, I could not see The Spiritual Eye. It took me several months to cultivate the ability to see it with my eyes closed without any assistance. Using meditation and the Jyoti (Yoni) Mudra, I saw The Spiritual Eye as a dim orb of light in my vision on going to sleep. Once cultivated, I had a point to focus on while falling asleep. I would deeply relax my body so that the sensations of my physical body were at a minimum, inducing what is called Heart Rate Variability. Next, rather than start dreaming, I resisted the urge of the stories generated by my mind and would pull myself back to focusing only on The Spiritual Eye stopping the creative function. After a short period, my body quickly transitioned from an awake state, through hypnagogia, into a lucid state. The transition would be sudden, often unnoticeable unless something unexpected happened while I was in a dream state. Often these experiences were tied to some emotional triggering experience or sound, which I would resist allowing myself to be aware of the dream without interference.

Though this is one example of how I used The Spiritual Eye, Forrest Knutson, a skilled Yogi, explains that the spiritual eye opens us up to the area of the right brain specifically the right hypothalamus or the center of light and the feeling of unity, allowing us to enter into Sumadi. The ability to join Sumadi has many advantages that go far beyond the extent of this article.

There is also the further meditative state that is described as associated with The Spiritual Eye in yogic and Buddhist practices referring to jhanas, which seem very similar to out-of-body experiences due to their descriptions by those who experience them. In the Buddhist practices associated with the jhanas they often describe a sense of extreme bliss, while in a completely voided space, though the reasoning for this, I believe is based on their use of bliss being the focus of their desired outcome. Others may experience the jhana states as being vastly different.

I have also found other modern-day meditators who have used light to concentrate on The Spiritual Eye have developed the ability to produce some very profound experiences. They have claimed, as many others have verified, that they can hallucinate fully interactive dream experiences while awake. They can also imagine anything they desire in their environment at will. Their ability is similar to 3D augmented reality or, more scientifically, a waking hypnogogic state with mental control.

The Liberating Practice of the Fire Kasina – with Daniel Ingram

These abilities discussed are very similar to what the yogis call Siddhis. Anyone who has experienced lucid dreams can speak to having several of these abilities in their dreams.

Overall, some of these topics must be explored by anyone who takes lucid dreaming or meditation seriously. It is evident that many ancient cultures took The Spiritual Eye seriously, and others have done the same recently and had profound experiences as described by these ancient cultures.

A Possible Method for Entering The Spiritual Eye

Flame Meditation

I suggest getting a candle with a flame if you can. Something you can see easily and only one flame. 

The goal of this candle is to improve a few things. One is concentration, two is a lasting afterimage of the flame, and three is additional light to the optic nerve of your brain.

You will look at the flame for around 60 seconds. You can blink. Just keep your focus on the flame as best you can, and try not to think of anything else besides the look of the flame.

After 60 seconds, close your eyes and see the afterimage of the flame. Keep looking at it with your eyes closed until the flame afterimage is gone. Do this again until you get frustrated, need to take a break, or get busy. Try to do it for at least 5 min, but longer is better.

Lamp Meditation

Using a bright lamp or using the sun, close your eyes and look at the light object. You should see a dark red color. Look deeper into that color and watch it transform into other shades of red, then into darker blues. As this happens, focus that light on the lower areas of your body, specifically into the coccyx. This will amplify the amount of light that can be used in the brain specifically where its important to amplify the spiritual eye.

Relaxation Meditation

I suggest getting a free app called Resonate Breathing on either an iPhone or android. Setting the settings to 40/60 5 min 5 breaths.

It will teach you a breathing technique that helps you relax your body. This specific breathing technique relaxes your vagal nerve and allows you to change your heart rate to enter into Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

This is important because when you are trying to sleep, the goal is to put your body to sleep while your mind stays awake. It is hard to do if you do not understand how to relax your body and change your heart rate.

You will know that your heart rate changes when meditating by feeling your hands get hotter and heavy. You may also feel a change in your body by feeling a sense of drawing down, a fall, or you may cough.

I suggest doing this for 5 minutes daily, but 10 minutes is good too. Just dont do it for hours because you will burn yourself out.

Jyoti (Yoni) Mudra

Slightly pressing on your eyes will help the light from your eyes activate the back of your brain. This pushes small currents into your eyes and the back of your head and activates the 3rd eye. It’s safe if you dont do it for long periods and do not push hard. The amount you push is slight. A lot is optional. I would do this for just a few minutes a day.


This is the method others suggest. I dont like it. I just put my fingertips on the ridge above my eyes and rest the length of my fingers over my eyes. This feels best, but you can decide what is best for you. If you do this for a few moments and expand your vision behind your eyes (dilate your eyes), The Spiritual Eye will become more and more vivid over time.

Here are examples of The Spiritual Eye as seen from the perspective of an indivual, either with eyes closed using Yoni Mudra or through dilating the eyes, or with eyes open.

Relaxation and Chakra Cleaning

Mental vibrations into the limbic system are a big part of this process. By focusing on each projected chakra point throughout the body, a person can feel pressure moving around their body. Mental chanting “OM” in these specific areas helps to reduce the body’s resistance to moving into altered states. This video which helps clean a specific chakra system associated with the resistance of moving into Samadhi effectively reduces the resistance.

Cute Baby Meditation
Most everyone looks at a baby and gets the feeling of cuteness. Others may see a puppy and think the same thing. Though this is an unmistakable feeling we all have felt, this feeling is tied to a specific area of our brain called the left amygdala. The left amygdala, when activated, can activate our right hippocampus allowing us to feel a sense of oneness, bliss, and love. The left amygdala is activated with the feeling associated with the cuteness of things. If we use our right amygdala to transition over to the right hippocampus, we are faced with the feeling of doom or fear, which must be overcome to experience the bliss of life.

If we look at the stories of yogic myths, such as those associated with Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, we find that the Buddha must face Maya before entering bliss and enlightenment. This is the right amygdala being activated and pushed through to enter the right hippocampus. If we clean ourselves through om japa, and use the cute baby meditation technique to sidestep the right amygdala, we can enter into the spiritual eye and bliss without the troubles of doom and fear.

You can see aspects of this joyfulness and cuteness expressed in this following mantra: “Mentally affirm: “I awake in Thy Light, I awake in Thy Light, I am joyful, I am free, I awake in Thy Light!”



Now you are ready to lucid dream. You can practice this every night, multiple times, as long as you get good rest.

You will go to sleep as usual with no intention—sleep. I sleep for an average rest period of around 5 hours. I naturally wake up at around 5 to roll around or to go to the bathroom. You can also stay up for 30-60 minutes if you want. It’s up to you how much you need to wake up, not immediately to fall asleep when you lie down. It would be best if you had some sense of wakefulness and awareness. 

Once you lay down, set the intention to have a lucid dream by saying, I will have a lucid dream. Say this in your head if you desire. 

Now focus on The Spiritual Eye location behind your eyes while breathing out for extended periods and relaxing your body into Heart Rate Variability. Focus on The Spiritual Eye as long as you can. You will start to dream by focusing on this area. Do not get sucked up in the dream; they are attractive, and you will desire to fall asleep. Keep focusing on The Spiritual Eye and resist the dreams. You may start to see lights around The Spiritual Eye. Keep focusing on the center as long as you can. The goal is to bring awareness to it.

After some time, you will shift into a lucid state. This shift may be rapid, and you may not feel anything, hear sounds, or feel strong vibrations. You know you are close if you start to hear or feel any of these sensations. Keep going. Once the shift takes place, you will know.

Word of Caution

Like any meditation practice, there are challenges involved in the process. Often people have described troubling and complex emotions arising when dealing with any deep meditation process. Working with The Spiritual Eye is no different. Take the practice slow, be ready to be challenged, and if you feel overwhelmed with the process, take a break. Working with someone who understands the process and what you may go through during the exploration is also always advisable. Some may even consider sharing the information I have provided here as dangerous. Since this information is freely found on the internet and even encouraged to be shared by those who are very knowledgeable, I found it important to share in this format. Lastly, there are videos in this article that come from skilled practitioners of Kriya and other forms of yoga, and you can reach out to them any time to ask questions. One such Yogi is Forrest Knutson, who I highly recommend to anyone as he has greatly helped me and still does.

Later Thoughts on The Spiritual Eye

Though these tools can help you enter into The Spiritual Eye, it doesn’t mean that it is a sure proof way or will happen each time. There is much to be learned from the mystery of The Spiritual Eye, which is why it was considered so important by many cultures. The Spiritual Eye is not a thing; it’s more of an event that happens to us, a connection to the divine, and a way to enter heaven. With that all being said, it means that as someone who takes these subjects seriously, we must allow ourselves to build an honest, authentic connection to The Spiritual Eye and be humble when we are allowed to learn more and enter it.

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