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The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms

Early last month, I watched an episode of a favorite Youtube channel called Bright Insight, where Jimmy Corsetti describes a unique and odd book entitled The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms. The author of the Adam and Eve Story, Chan Thomas, seems to have little written about him, possibly intentionally.

In the book, Thomas tells us about world-ending events like the ones we find in the disaster films 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow. These world-ending events described by Thomas in his book rely heavily on sun-influenced changes to the Earth’s magnetic poles and magnetosphere. The topic of sun-induced climate change expressed by Thomas makes it already strange (conspiratory) because it spits in the face of the current man-made climate change narrative, which is largely agreed to be accurate by most scientists today. 

Even stranger, the CIA removed Thomas’s book from the public view by classifying it out of public view until recently. The public release of The Adam and Eve Story is so heavily redacted to the point that it is nearly impossible to read where entire pages are removed. It also contains 57 pages of the total 70 pages found in the original document, which is strange in itself.

As someone who is always looking for the truth, regardless of where it takes me, I often find myself exploring topics and ideas contrary to public attention. In hearing about this book, my interest became sparked. I wondered what I would find inside it and if copies of Thomas’ work were floating around the internet.

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My internet sleuthing took me for a ride where I found myself visiting sites like Reddit, Goodreads, and Blogger, where I finally found myself speaking with someone who had spoken with Chan Thomas, Michael Weaver. Weaver, a very kind older gentleman, claims to have held one of the original copies of The Adam and Eve Story before a flood that almost destroyed the book. He told me that he had managed to scan a copy of the book into PDF format before it became damaged. Weaver was kind enough to send me a copy of it. I promised him that I would make it available to others on the internet who would like to view its original version without any redactions, which you can get (here).

Jimmy Corsetti, who spoke about the CIA redacted version of the book recently on The Joe Rogan Experience, implies some of Thomas’s ideas are compelling. Corsetti also notes that some of Thomas’s ideas will cause most rational people to question if Thomas’s work was just the words of a mad man. After reviewing the un-redacted version of the book, I find myself wondering not if Thomas was rational but more to why the CIA would classify his work altogether. 

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Chan Thomas Ideas Valid?

The Adam and Eve Story tells us a story about the history of the Earth from the perspective that a cosmic cataclysm is a common occurrence. That mico-nova-like events caused by our sun and polar shifts were what has caused the Earth to change its form, and that ancient civilizations were utterly wiped out over and over again due to the massive extinction events. Many of Thomas’s ideas are supported through the works of independent researchers such as Randall Carlson, Graham Hancock, Ben Davidson, and countless other individuals who can easily be found by searching the internet. So again, why did the CIA specially redact The Adam and Eve Story?

It occurred to me that maybe there is some validity to Thomas’s statements found in his book. Perhaps Thomas had worked with the government at some point in his life and was privileged by his work to know the ideas he presented in his book. In contrast, other independent researchers have realized the same “truths” through their private investigations. If this were the case, Thomas’s work would be easily classified, whereas independent research, though accurate, would not. I wondered maybe if the rumors of Thomas’s history with his work in the government would shine some light onto this problem, but based on my searching, little can be found to validate this idea.

The Adam and Eve Story The History of Cataclysms

In the current “disinformation age,” it is getting increasingly hard to find knowledge about the topics found in Thomas’s book online. Youtube has recently started to demonetize individuals on their platform that imply that man-made climate change is inaccurate or deny it together. There seems to be more and more of a push in our public eye as this trend set by Youtube will extend out into other platforms and search engines. If this is the case, we may never find out the validity of the interesting ideas outlined in The Adam and Eve Story until it’s too late.

As with many mysteries, I found my question of the validity of Chan Thomas’s work The Adam and Eve Story unanswered. But hopefully, others out there will pick up where I had left off and seek a deeper understanding of who Thomas was and if his ideas are actual.

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