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About the book

A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming is a unique lucid dreaming book that acts as a tool for personal awareness and transformation. In an innovative approach that draws upon Jungian depth psychology, neuroscience, and the author’s own personal dream practice, this book provides a comprehensive introduction and ongoing guidebook for experienced lucid dreamers as well as curious readers who are trying lucid dreaming for the first time.

The combination of philosophy, science, personal narrative, and practical guidance makes this book unique among books about lucid dreaming. Where other titles explore one of these aspects in great detail – making them attractive to experienced dreamers and scholars – A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming provides readers just that: a comprehensive gateway into a hidden world.

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What You Will Learn

Why Lucid Dream

Step 1:

Why Lucid Dream?

Most of us think we know why we want to lucid dream or what it means to have a lucid dream, but do we really fully understand this question? We explore the reasons why you would want to lucid dream as its an important part of a lucid dreaming practice.

lucid dreaming techniques

Step 2:

Foundational Techniques

Build tools and techniques that are tailored to your personal psychology. Explore a number of different ways to induce lucid dreams and out of body experiences and how you can master these techniques as an ongoing daily practice.

Work With your Dreams

Step 3:

Work with Your Dreams

Learn how to not only have lucid dreams but to engage with the dream experience on a higher level with this lucid dream book. We combine tools provided by Jungian Depth Psychology, Tibetan dream yoga, and other dream focused schools of thought to explore how you can understand what messages your dreams are conveying to you.

Lucid Dreaming Supplements

Step 4:

Advanced Tools and Supplements

For those who need additional help to continue a growing lucid dreaming practice, supplements and other tools are available. You will learn all the most common available lucid dreaming supplements, their active mechanisms that affect your mind, and how they can be used to improve your dreams. The list is extensive and supported by peer-reviewed information.

About the Author:

Lee Adams is a Ph.D. candidate in Jungian Psychology and Archetypal Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute and host of Cosmic Echo, a lucid dreaming podcast, and creator of taileaters.com, an online community of lucid dreamers and psychonauts. Lee has been actively researching, practicing, and teaching lucid dreaming for over twenty years. Contact Lee

Reviews from Expert Lucid Dreamers

best lucid dream book reviews

“This delightfully bold and truly unique lucid dreaming book is a powerful tool for both new and veteran mind explorers, offering ways to learn more about their nighttime adventures and themselves.”

- David Jay Brown

Author of Dreaming Wide Awake and The New Science of Psychedelics

“When you fall asleep at night, your mind doesn’t just turn off like a light switch. On the contrary, it enters a different and at times highly energetic mode of functioning. Lee Adams has written an excellent guide to exploring the dynamic powers and creative potentials of your own nocturnal brain. Hidden Gateways provides a wealth of detailed information and practical guidance for anyone interested in lucid dreams and the multiplicities of the dreaming imagination. Adams offers what few other writers about lucid dreaming are able to provide: a sensible and humble approach, grounded in empirical research, that encourages people to go beyond the mere attainment of lucidity to explore the deeper realms of the psyche.”

- Kelley Bulkeley

Dream Researcher and author of Dreaming Beyond Death: A Guide to Pre-Death Dreams and Visions

“The first book on lucid dreaming that not only covers the science and art of going lucid, but also how to work with the deep mythological aspects of lucid dreams. Not just how to have more lucid dreams, but how to navigate them successfully as we consciously wake up to our own mythic lives.”

- Ryan Hurd

Sleep researcher and author of Sleep Paralysis: A Dreamer’s Guide

The author’s training and knowledge of science and psychological processes, as well as the apparent spiritual anchor Mr. Adams is drawing from is clearly evident in the writing and organization of the material offered. And, there is a substantial bibliography just waiting to be explored and add more avenues of information to this fascinating subject.” (read more)

- Robin Fennelly

An Elder within The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition

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