lucid dreaming necklace

Lucid Dreaming Necklace

Lucid dreaming is not just a cool skill, its a way of exploring consciousness. We decided to create a unique talisman or amulet that represents the symbology behind the practice and what it means to be a lucid dreamer.

This two-sided amulet presents a journey that each person must take to grow as a person. The imagery in the amulet represents this journey.

Around the edge of the necklace, two ouroboros surrounds the amulet which also circles the story of life, reflecting on learning, death, and ultimately rebirth.

lucid dreaming necklace

On one side there are four doors representing the four aspects of conscious change. The first door is closed. At this point in the journey, there is no desire for growth.

Next, a golden key offered to the hero and is his or her way of starting the process to change. The hero can either choose to use this key to open doors of perception or deny its power and leave the door closed. If they continue with their journey, each doorway opens slightly more for the hero as they adventure deeper into their soul.

taileaters talisman

The moons in the center indicate the dream world and the four aspects of the self: the physical, the mental, emotional, and spiritual. These aspects are expressed in the sun – it is split into four to experience the shamanic process of death and re-birth.

On the other side, the sun side, the shamanistic reemergence is completed when the aspects of self are reunited. The seven chakras are aligned as they bear fruit into the trees building a foundation for the new hero and enlightened clarity surrounded by a circle showing divinity.

shamanic Necklace

The third eye shines in the center as it sees life in a new light and the crescent moon in the eye’s iris shows that night is no longer an adversary, but an ally for all eternity. The individual now has unity in one.

We hope that this symbology speaks to you about your own personal growth and journey. If so we look forward to sharing with you this important symbol that we have created. 


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