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Lucid dreaming has gathered many communities to discuss one of the most curious concepts in science. On Reddit, lucid dreaming has been discussed in various communities, showing how dedicated some people in finding out how to reach a lucid state. These communities discuss techniques, share experiences, and give tips for both newbies and experts alike. The following are the communities on Reddit discussing lucid dreaming.


Lucid Dreaming Reddit

r/Lucid Dreaming 

Lucid Dreaming. The main thread for lucid dreaming has discussions on induction methods of lucid dreaming, as well as techniques that would make the lucid state attainable. As this is a difficult state to be in, beginners may have difficulty getting into a lucid state, which is where the value of a supportive community comes in. This community allows you to post questions you have about lucid dreaming, especially for the newbies. This also suggests fun challenges that could get people more engaged in lucid dreaming.

The technicalities of lucid dreaming are discussed here as well, including the relevance of rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, dream recall, and reality checks. This community also discusses how to enter lucid dreaming and what signs you must watch out to see if you are in the lucid state already. You can also learn here how to control your sleeping environment to be more conducive to lucid dreaming. And added advantage of the posts from r/LucidDreaming is that the techniques discussed here are tried first-hand by the people in the community.

Some of the top posts here include 11 things you should try out with lucid dreaming, a progress report of 76 lucid dreams in the first year of learning, and a comprehensive guide on how to lucid dream tonight.


Shifting Realities Reddit


Shifting Realities. For those who wish to visualize what they want to be during lucid dreaming, this reddit thread can help them see another reality they want to emulate. Because lucid dreaming takes a certain degree of imagination, this community can guide you on how to make a concrete character of your current reality and formulate your desired reality, which you can use as a guide to the guise you want to have once in your lucid dreams.

r/ShiftingRealities also guides you into writing a script that you can use to take on the desired reality you want to personify during the state of lucidity. This community teaches the concept of the waiting room, which serves as a preparing room prior to entering the desired reality you want to shift to. And for a greater challenge, this thread also tackles the concept of building a clone, where you will leave your current consciousness as you shift realities towards the lucid dream persona you want to be. Overall, this community can guide you develop what you want to see in your lucid dreams.

This community shares few of the longest experiences in reality shifting (up to 8 days of shifting), mind-blowing first time experiences, and know-hows on how to shift.


Astral Projection Reddit


Astral Projection. This community serves as the largest Astral projection group in the world, helping you get a view of another goal you want to achieve while lucid dreaming. Threads here discuss the concept of summoning your consciousness to non-physical realms beyond your mind and body. This community argues about the power of science and art of astral projection, limiting its discussion to first-hand experiences, relevant studies, and any further knowledge on the concept, rather than irrelevant contents based on fiction, jokes, and creative writing, to make sure you get only real-life events.

r/Astral/Projection encourages people to share their experiences in their out-of-body phenomena to enlighten others on what it feels like, how they initiated it, and what to expect once we are in it. This community may share techniques on how to conduct astral projection in your lucid state, giving your consciousness more reach beyond your physical body. This community also refers you to the valuable point persons in the community, who are already veteran astral projectors and have published books and documentation of their experiences.

Dreams Discord Chat for Lucid Dreamers Out of Body Experiences and Astral Projection

This community shares the most comprehensive guides for astral projection, the relationships between relevant concepts in lucid dreaming such as greater realities, multidimensions, and unconscious dreams, and other first-hand anecdotes on astral projection.


Reddit Dreams


Reddit Dreams: Everything about dreams. For a broader perspective, Reddit has a separate community dedicated just to the avid dreamer. As life may be more interesting after dark, dreaming calls for more discussions that could clear up things about lucid dreaming. Here, you can share your dreams and have them interpreted with dream experts in the community. From the scariest to the most humorous ones, your dreams are bound to have meaning in your life and can be interpreted by the in-house experts in the group. The community also welcomes theories about this interesting part of your sleep and can help you be a better lucid dreamer. You may be able to link your dreams to any real-life events, any repressed memories you may have, or even future events that you suspect may be coming into life. With this community, you can also read about different ways how they document their dreams from the most standard form of dream journals to any mobile apps that have additional state-of-the-art features.

r/Dreams share the most valuable insights on experiences of intermingling dreams, memories, and reality, dreams about afterlife,


Reddit Psychonaut


Psychonaut. The state of lucidity may not be restricted to the unconscious mind so the modern psychonaut has to intentionally actuate a modified state of consciousness. This is necessary to have a deeper dive into the mind, investigate what is in the subconscious, and unravel your truest desires. Different members train to be psychonauts for different reasons: to answer spiritual questions, to make sense of direct experiences, and most importantly, to master the lucid state.

This community explores these alterations in the mental state through the influence of psychotropic medications of different mechanisms. Psychedelics allow them to see a new reality that they cannot see in their normal mental state. It is vital to note that some people are prone to drug addiction and substance abuse so one must take these pieces of advice with care, make sure that you are under the guidance of an expert, and remind yourself that you do this not entirely for the pleasure but also for self-development.

The r/Psychonaut explores experiences under the influence of LSD while witnessing the most important eventsa meditation guide for the psychonaut, and first-hand experience of spiritual baptism.

These communities may serve as guides to the modern lucid dreamer. Use these threads as resources for first-hand experiences, techniques, and how-to’s to guide you on your journey to achieving the lucid state.

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