Lucid Dreaming Astral Projection and Sleep Paralysis

As a lifetime lucid dreamer and experiences astral projector, I can relate to someone who has similar experiences as mine. My story started with me being able to lucid dream at a very young age, then having sleep paralysis, and eventually being able to have an Out of Body Experience. I am not alone in this process as others whom I have read their stories or talked to them in person have expressed this strangely similar pattern or process.

The similarities to my personal experience and others, makes me ask the questions of why do we lucid dream and why do we have these fascinating dreams that seem to take us out of our body? What is the process of sleep paralysis and how do overcome or accept that experience? All of these questions have haunted me most of my life. Though I may not have the answers to those questions just yet, knowing that I am not alone and can discuss lucid dreams, astral projection, and sleep paralysis with others, gives me access to a unique and exclusive club or tribe. In that tribe, I find fellowship which extends past the body and mind, but into the beyond.

Kelly Matthews lucid dreaming astral projection and sleep paralysis

In this episode, we speak with Kelly Matthews who is an avid dreamer who has been exploring lucid dreams and astral projections for most of her life. She also runs the website where users can post their dreams and read others dreams as well as conduct some research on commonalities in the dream experiences.

Kelly talks with us about her dream experiences, sleep paralysis, and her progression in dreams over the years.

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