In this first episode of Cosmic Echo, we discuss sleep paralysis with dream researcher Ryan Hurd. Ryan has spent most of his life exploring dreams and a good portion of his time has been spent in understanding sleep paralysis and how to overcome it. We also talk to him about his current work on his website and his life as a dream researcher.

I have an MA in Consciousness Studies and a Certificate of Dream Studies from John F. Kennedy University. I also have a BA degree specializing in archaeology. I spent the better part of a decade excavating ruins in North America before turning inward to the riches of the mind, which are infinitely more valuable than any buried treasure. Fewer back aches this way too. My background has taught me that both views, objective science and self-inquiry, are critical for a more holistic view of Western knowledge to emerge. We need the earth and the sky, and everything in between.

Ryan Hurd

Dream Researcher,

youtube comsic echo

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