Overcoming Sleep Paralysis and Nightmares with Faith

Sleep paralysis and nightmares are always close to my heart. When I started my personal journey towards where I am today It all began with sleep paralysis. Over the years I have slowly experienced less and less episodes of sleep paralysis through personal reflection and accepting and overcoming some negative aspects in my life. Though my personal relationship to sleep paralysis is not influenced through a religious practice I can appreciate those who help others with their spiritual experiences through the eyes of religion and find that this truly can help others move forward.

escape nightmares and sleep paralysis with faith

In this episode, we speak with Aisha Hammah and Dr. Rev. Moses about their newest book Escape Nightmares: The Source of Nightmares and Sleep Paralysis which takes a Christian approach to the phenomenon that happens during sleep paralysis as well as its causes. In the interview, Aisha and Moses describe the causes of sleep paralysis and nightmares as well as how to overcome its effects through spiritual practice.

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