Near Death Experiences (NDE) are commonly described as the consciousness exiting the body, with not only feeling the sensations of being out of the physical body but also having the ability to see different aspects of reality. However, not everyone must be close to death to have this “out of body” experience. Similar experiences can be achieved through Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. This is something that not only has been experienced for thousands of years but practiced by many as a spiritual experience that can be taught and learned by anyone.

Learning how to Astral Project or have an Out of Body Experience can be done and experienced by anyone. Once learned, people are able to sense or have the feeling of traveling to different realms of consciousness, exploring these realms, and talking with guides or beings from these different realities. Overall these experiences can lead to profound life changes.

There is no person who is more experienced in traveling astrally than Robert Bruce. Robert has been writing about his travels and creating how-to guides on Astral Projection. He published his first book on the subject in 1999 which became an international bestseller. His guides, videos, and websites not only talk about his personal experiences that he’s been having since the age of four but also how others can have these same experiences.

Astral Dynamics Robert BruceIn this episode, we speak with Robert Bruce who is the founder of and author of Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences as well as his newest book The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide.

Robert discusses with us about his views on the astral world, how to have an Out of Body Experience, how to project naturally, and also how to protect yourself from spiritual attacks. He also discusses some key elements to understanding spiritual practices and his educational technique called The Way of the Master.

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