Exploring lucid dreams and having Out of Body Experiences can change a persons perception of what is real. In lucid dreams, we can have conversations with aspects of ourselves and change the dream world to be what we want like a virtual reality computer game. In Out of Body Experiences, we can travel to new lands that we never thought were possible. But how does someone learn how to do all this?

Some people are naturally gifted to have these experiences. The ability to have these experiences can start at a young age where a person learns to have lucid dreams and it progresses to be full on Out of Body Experiences later on. Some people start to have these experiences after having a Near Death Experience which kick starts their mind to be attracted to these types of experiences. For others, it can take hard work in conjunction with a good dream guide to start having lucid dreams and then transform those into full-on Out of Body Experiences.

Jade Shaw Obes Lucid Dream teacher

In this episode, we speak with Jade Shaw who is one such educator who is training individuals to have out of body experiences and project astrally. Jade has a vast understanding of consciousness and altered states by studying under Tibetan Buddhist monks as well as continuing her education in transpersonal psychology.

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