Lucidity 4 All Youri ZaritskiIn this episode, we talk with Youri Zaritski about lucid dreaming, Out of Body Exploration and even psychedelics. Youri is a wealth of information when it comes to his understanding of the dream process as well as how to induce lucid dreams or what he calls Rifting. He explains how waking life, lucid dreams, and Out of Body Experiences are different phases of the same consciousness or aspects of the same thing, and that you can simply change phase by simply altering how you think, and paying attention to changes.

Youri currently runs a website called Lucidity 4 All which contains free information on lucid dreaming as well as offers classes to help you achieve the state of consciousness you desire. Youri also offers personal classes with him that you can access through his website. Additionally Lucidity 4 All contains one of the largest Facebook groups on lucid dreaming and you can easily find help and answers there if you are working on your dream practice.

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