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Awaken the spirit inside yourself.

As a coach and guide, I specialize in a holistic approach that helps you reconnect to your inner spirit.

How we make changes

My Holistic Approach


I teach you simple yet deep ways to meditate that can help you build balance and discipline in your life.


I teach you how to interpret and work with your own dreams. Learn how to also dive deeper with lucid dreams.


I teach you how to connect to the center of your being and your relationship to your chakra system. Find more joy in your life by connecting to yourself.

Work on Fear

I teach you how to overcome your fears by creating better responses to fearful situations and ideas. Remove behaviors that stop you from being your best self. Turn your shadow an ally.

“Like you, I felt unaccepted in how I saw the world and my daily experiences. I learned how to find strength in being different. I want to help you find your strength by connecting to your inner spirit.”

Start working with me, and together we can find answers.

Personal Spiritual Coaching 

This offer includes the following:

Work one-on-one with your guide to help you learn more about yourself.

  • Personal phone calls or internet video calls.
  • Personal email correspondence, chats, and text messages.
  • Tools and technique training to provide you long lasting changes.
  • Educational materials that provide you personal guidance. 

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Expert Instructor

Meet Your Guide

Lee Adams

Lee Adams

Sleep and Dream Coach

Lee Adams is the author of A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming and a Ph.D.  candidate in Jungian Psychology and Archetypal Studies. He has been actively researching, practicing, and helping others with spiritual questions for over 20 years. 


What People Are Saying

“Sleep and dream coaching offers experiential discovery into the overlapping features of conscious and unconscious material between waking life, dreamscapes, surrealities, and the dreamy body itself. To drop into our body during a dream is a far more intense experience than the mental aspect of lucidity.

Leticia E Gomez

“After contacting Lee for advice regarding dreams, I found he had a lot of insight into consciousness and the mind. Because of his techniques and suggestions, I’ve been able to look at the subconscious aspects of myself in a new and positive way. His attentiveness and support throughout our interactions provides a comfortable and meaningful setting to explore the inner reaches of one’s mind. He provided me with a whole new outlook on dreams, how they interact with us, and how we can learn to interpret them to better our lives. This knowledge has been invaluable in furthering my understanding of myself and it has altered the way I look at reality as a whole.”

Chrissy Broderick

I have initially contacted Lee for guidance towards becoming a lucid dreamer, for health-related reasons. I found that Lee has deep understanding in the dreaming field and in studying the consciousness/the state of existence. I highly recommend hiring Lee for coaching as you’ll inevitably realize that his knowledge and experience are priceless.

Maroon Ayoub

Why Choose Us

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

I also teach different dream methods to explore your dreams. Lucid dreaming can extend your awareness of the dream world and transform how you understand your dreams.

About Us

Professional spiritual coaching

As someone grounded in the scientific community and skeptical about spiritual and esoterical ideas, I found it challenging to name myself a spiritual guide. What I do is exactly that, I assist those who have lost their connection to themselves. I am honest, kind, and care about those who suffer and find a deep passion for helping those who seek to improve their situation in life. If you want to change who you are, I will do my best to provide you with the tools you need to reconnect to who you are.

Depending on how much you desire to change, it could take significant effort, but we will start small and build on foundational systems that will lead to substantial results. Work with me if you are ready for this journey.

sleep medicine Gig Harbor WA
Spiritual Guide Tacoma Washington


Breathing is the primary cause of our overactive minds. When we properly control our breath, we modify how our nervous system responds. When we breathe in more than we breathe out, we add CO2 to our chemistry, producing a relaxing effect. The CO2 relaxes the vagus nerve and the stress levels in our body and mind. With this reduction, we now start calming down the “monkey mind” and finally can think correctly.

As a spiritual guide, I teach breathing practices such as pranayama, focusing on relaxing the mind. Working on breathing is a much more efficient way to modify behavior than trying to force the mind to calm down. If you change your breath, the mind will follow.

Basic practices in proper breathing can have profound quick changes in your behavior and mood. A practice for just five minutes a day can be efficient in starting to change poor behaviors. Furthering these practices and prolonging the breath, we can encounter deeper meditative states such as Heart Rate Variability and samadhi.

Spiritual Guide Heart Chakra


Chakras are limbic structures in our brains that project into the body through referral sensation. We identify with these areas of our bodies and the associations of chakras because they are felt in those locations. One of the essential chakra points is our heart chakra, and this chakra opens us up to love. It is a governing chakra center that plays a massive role in how we experience our world with others. If the heart chakra is closed or not developed and cleaned, we will encounter pain and suffering.

Proper practices that clean the chakra centers can open us up to finding inner joy in the things we do. I help teach my clients how to clean their chakra systems through sound vibration and chanting, which provides them with a way forward in their spiritual development.

Spiritual Guide Gig Harbor Washington


Working in the beautiful world of dreams can bring you fulfillment. Dreams are symbolic representations of our inner psyche and are much more complex than modern culture gives them credit. Ancient and indigenous cultures knew that dreams had deep meaning and were doorways to a reality behind the veil called Maya. Working with dreams and providing awareness into the dream will transition into bringing awareness into the waking world.

I work with people to teach them techniques to build awareness into their dreams, creating experiences such as lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, or astral projections. I also extend lucidity into helping my clients build spiritual organs that continue with the individual past death.

Work with fear spiritual guide

Work on Fear

Fear keeps us alive. There is a point, however, that we reach with fear that hinders our ability to enjoy life and other spiritual experiences. When fear presents itself, it creates a block in our minds that tells us not to continue. In some spiritual practices, overcoming this fear is essential to experiencing a more profound spiritual state.

I work with my clients to identify fear as an essential ally in their growth process and to see it for what it is by bringing it into the light rather than holding it in the dark. Working with fear can help those suffering from many forms of PTSD or anxiety.

If you are in the Seattle Washington, Tacoma Washington, or Gig Harbor Washington area and are looking for spiritual guidance, I can work with you in person. Online options are also available.

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