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Taileaters Trials

Trials are made to challenge us

Taileaters Trials are intended to be weekly goals set to push you to become a skilled lucid dreamer, and then to challenge you to explore past the dreamscape into learning more about the environment and eventually past the dream itself into a shamanic journey for your soul. What you get out of this journey is up to you. The more you put in it, the more you will get out of it.

Taileaters Trials are challenges that push you to explore your consciousness. Each trial builds on the previous in order to push you to dive deeper into the exploration of your mind through meditational practices, lucid dreaming, and beyond.

Trials are designed to encourage you to overcome obstacles in your life and to use your mind in exciting and sophisticated new ways. Trials are intended for the individual, meaning that each person will need to complete a trial in their own time as they continue their journey forward. You may complete one trial easily while another may take you time to achieve, but it’s important that you do not skip to the next trail until you finish the one that is in currently in front of you. Think of these trials as short but also difficult journies where you are the hero on your adventure overcoming your foes and making new friends along the way. Taileaters trials are your personal heroes journey.

Trials are also not meant to be completed alone. Get involved with others by joining the taileaters community and make new friends to discuss your feats, your challenges, and your thoughts as you continue forward. You may get some great ideas from other Taileaters to progress even further. Once you join you can find all of the trials listed under units and comment on each individual trial on our Facebook group.

If at any time you feel that a trial is becoming too intense or you are pushing yourself too hard, take a break, the trail will be waiting for you to continue where you left off. We look forward to hearing from you and where your journey will take you. Until then, happy dreaming.

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Trial Units


In this unit, we discuss the basics behind what the Taileaters Trials are all about, how to explore the units and how to discuss with others your progress. This is where you want to get started to explore lucid dreaming, consciousness, and beyond.

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In this trial, you are asked to produce any form of hypnagogic hallucination. You can do so through any means necessary, but the most effective is through meditation as well as releasing thought control while going to bed.

You will know that you have succeeded in this trail if you hear sounds or see images of people places or things that are not possible in your room. Typically people see faces of people, hear buzzing sounds, or even can have the sensation of others being around them.

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Vibrational State

In this trial, you are asked to produce the vibrational state between wakefulness and dreaming. This trial will enable you to practice the transition and awareness needed in order to take the next step to lucid dreaming.

You will know you accomplished this trial if you feel the sensation of vibrations that often are followed by sleep paralysis as well as auditory ringing sounds.

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Reality Checks

In this trial, you are asked to produce a lucid dream using a reality check of your choice.

You will know you have succeeded if you become aware or lucid in a dream due to the reality check that you have been practicing with.

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Taileaters applies a scientific viewpoint on the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states.

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