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If you are looking for others like yourself who are interested in the topics explored and shared on this site, our lucid dreaming discord chat is for you. Join others right now who share a common self-drive into diving into the depths of their psyche. Topics explored in our lucid dreaming discord are:


  • Lucid Dreaming –Our community is made of experienced lucid dreamers, those learning to lucid dream their first time, and those who are trying to explore the deeper aspects of their dreams to better understand consciousness.
  • Dream Journaling – Post your daily dreams or any dreams that you have trouble understanding and get some feedback as to what your dream may mean, or other ways of looking into the symbolic meaning
  • Sleep Paralysis – Do you suffer from sleep paralysis or trying to understand exactly what is happening during sleep paralysis. Chat with others about sleep paralysis in our discord and learn how you can not only overcome this oftentimes terrifying experience but also how you can use it to transform your understanding of dreams and the Self.
  • Questions and Answers – Do you have questions about the big subjects associated with consciousness? Do you have some life lessons that maybe would assist others in becoming more whole? Share your insights into consciousness with others.
  • Book Suggestions – Do you have books or want to find books that will help you to explore diverse topics related to dreams and consciousness? Our book recommending section is provided by those who truly desire to learn like yourself.
  • Remote Viewing Challenges – We provide weekly remote viewing challenges where you can join with others to have some fun stretching your more psychic abilities.

Work with me and other experienced dreamers to explore some of the most profound experiences an individual can have.

Lee Adams

Author of A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming

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Past Discussions

The Age of AI

The Age of AI

Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness Anyone interested in artificial intelligence may want to check out this new Youtube series beginning tomorrow.. and Tony Starks is the host, lol.. I'm curious what you guys think.. Will machines with AI develop some form of...

The Mystery of Free Will: Donald Hoffman

The Mystery of Free Will: Donald Hoffman

The Mystery of Free Will: Donald Hoffman ​Lucid dreaming is often associated with the ability to control the dream space. Though this is not the definition of lucid dreaming, it often goes hand in hand and is something I disagree that this is the case in all...

His Dark Materials Lucid Dreaming

His Dark Materials Lucid Dreaming

His Dark Materials ​New show on HBO, His Dark Materials has a wonderful introduction which I think represents in some very beautifully graphical ways how we as a species interact with our 3-dimensional space, how reality may be represented in our minds, and how we...


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