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Psychedelic Mystery Traditions with Tom Hatsis

Thomas HatsisIn this episode, we speak with Tom Hatsis who is a historian of psychedelia, witchcraft, magic, pagan religions, alternative Christianities, and the cultural intersection of those areas, who holds a master’s degree in history from Queens College. The author of The Witches’ Ointment and Psychedelic Mystery Traditions, he runs, a site dedicated to promoting the latest and best information pertaining to the Psychedelic Renaissance. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

We talk with Tom about the history of psychedelics spirituality. We also go into microdosing psilocybin and the benefits behind using mushrooms in that manner. We also extend the conversation by diving into magic and how symbols are represented in psychedelic artwork

Inner traditions a Bear Company

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Cosmic Echo Podcast

This podcast explores the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states. We explore topics that pertain to consciousness, including philosophy, Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, sleep phenomenon and the science behind it, hallucinogens, shamanism, and more. We interview and discuss these topics with experts in the field and those who have experience in these areas and have credible information to share.

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Taileaters explores the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states.

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