Clairvoyance with Jody Doty

While visiting a local coffee shop early last year I found myself by happenstance observing a psychic round table while enjoying a nice americano. I knew nothing about what it means to be psychic besides what my skeptical mind told me, that it was unlikely that information could be pulled out of the “spirit” world and interpreted. While observing these psychics speak with individuals about their futures I noticed something drastically different in one of the psychics. She seemed to know people on another level. She seemed real.

A few months later while buying some incents at a local shop I managed to run into the same person who now introduced herself as a clairvoyant, and for the first time in my life, I asked for a personal reading.

She told me things about my life that I knew were true but that even the most skeptical of minds wondered how she knew these things. Timelines that she told me about of my past seemed to line up perfectly in my life and though I would have assumed psychics would be broad to the point that anything they said would apply to one’s life, she was very specific. She knew nothing about me prior to me asking for me to do the reading and there was no possible way that she could have done prior research to know who I was. To be honest it left me a bit surprised.

Not only did she tell me about my current situation but she talked about the possible future. These transitions that she discussed to take place where already happening and according to her timeline, I later accomplished those things when she said I would.

With this podcast, I find it important to explore all areas of consciousness, including those things that I don’t fully understand. The reason for this is that I think that if we all look at these subject with the willingness to listen and pay attention, we may see something that typically is overlooked. Maybe there is something to being a psychic after all. I know I am more open to this possibility than I was before.

In this episode, we speak with Jody Doty who is a clairvoyant and has been using her ability to help others for the majority of her life. She talks to us about her ability, how it all started, and how you can learn to develop your ability as well. She also does a live reading for us which is interesting and very accurate to our personal lives.

Jody Doty ClairvoyanceJody Doty is known as a “Soul Whisperer.” For over two decades she has utilized her spiritual gifts and professional training in her business Jody Doty Soul Reader. She is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Psychic-Medium, Spiritual Counselor-Liaison, Interfaith Minister and Light Body Healer and a published author. Jody combines her neutral spiritual insight with imagery, symbols and creative visualization to see, hear and sense the soul’s essence and stored pictures, messages and beliefs. Her focus is on facilitating a return to center while providing spiritual clarity, insight, practical tips for grounding, protection and energetic healing and alignment. During times of transition, Jody assists with recalling divine purpose, passion, and path.

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