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The Making of Reality: How Consciousness Creates the World

The Making of Reality

In this episode, we speak with Jörg Starkmuth who is the author of the book The Making of Reality: How Consciousness Creates the World. Jörg discusses his views on consciousness and how consciousness creates what we perceive as reality, as well as how this affects our daily lives and our so-called fate. Jörg backs his perspectives up with real research which makes not only his book a fascinating read but also his discussion something that everyone should listen to. 


The Making of Reality

Jörg Starkmuth was born in Germany in 1966. He studied communications engineering, but language and writing always remained his greatest passion. After working as a translator of technical documentation and as a web designer in the IT and telecommunications industry for some years, he finally became a freelance translator, editor, and writer.

Besides a great interest in science and technology, already as a teenager, he started exploring the world of frontier science, esoterics, and spirituality. Later, his path of life also lead him to psychology and happiness research. Dissatisfied by the apparent contradictions between some of these fields of human experience, he started to wonder how at least the reasonably credible portion of it all could be reconciled in a consistent, holistic world view that would transcend the limited frames of the individual disciplines.

After many years, some essential puzzle pieces finally fell into place, and Jörg Starkmuth started writing down the world model he had discovered, based on the work of many authors and teachers and refined with his own thoughts and conclusions. The result is his book The Making of Reality – How Consciousness Creates the World.

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