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If you have ever seen the hit TV show Stargate and thought about how amazing it would be to go through a giant portal and instantly travel to some far off location, then remote viewing is right up your alley. Like Stargate, remote viewing involves instantaneous travel: there is no need for a giant underground portal hidden in some government facility, but rather just using your mind.

When I first looked into remote viewing, I was in college tasked with writing a history paper for one of my classes. Being interested in lucid dreaming, I kept hearing a lot of chatter on the internet about a man named Joseph McMoneagle who worked for the Army in a special program and wrote a book about his experiences called The Stargate Chronicles. At the same time, the media was giving a spotlight to a 2004 non-fiction book called “The Men Who Stare at Goats” which was turned into a movie with a more comical approach released under the same name. The book version discussed the very serious government operated programs whose mission was to test the usability of psychic warfare. The Stargate Chronicles also described a series of wild like adventures where Joseph McMoneagle became a member of a secret project called STAR GATE which was primarily to see if Remote Viewing would be useable to spy on enemies of the state. In 2017 the project’s documents were released for public view on the CIA’s website verifying this information.

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What is remote viewing?

I remember waking from a dream and being very scared and worried about my sister’s boyfriend at the time. I had just experienced a scene where I had come home and everyone was telling me about his accidental death from skydiving. I did not know of him being interested in skydiving, but the dream seemed very real. I immediately told my sister about the dream at the first chance. She informed me that he was planning to go skydiving that very weekend. After I told my sister my dream, she reported to me that her boyfriend had canceled his plans and never did end up going skydiving.

If you have ever had an instance in your life where you perceived something without having the information about it prior, then you may have experienced something that people call extrasensory perception or ESP. ESP is part of remote viewing where you are consciously thinking about a place, location, person, environment, or event that you can’t possibly go to or experience, or have any knowledge about prior, and in result can describe some level of detail about what you are consciously thinking. It may sound implausible that this could be possible, but many people believe it is.

The Rules to Remote Viewing

Ingo Swann who was an American psychic researcher, parapsychologist, and artist was the first person to identify this process of consciously viewing as Remote Viewing. He developed a set of protocols to control how remote viewing was done and called it Coordinate Remote Viewing or CRV. These same tools and techniques were used by some special projects operated by the government. There are thousands of files that you can view on the CIA’s website discussing their methods and results.

The reason for these particular methods applied by these groups was to produce verifiable results. Joseph McMoneagle in his book, as well as the many lectures he has given, goes into great detail about the success rate of his teams, Remove Viewings. He attributes this to his team’s psyche ability and their rigorous training and their methodical techniques.

For anyone who is trying to get into remote viewing and are interested in following those same techniques, you are entering a very complicated world. The International Remote Viewing Association holds many training lectures on the process of Remote Viewing, as well as rules for conducting Remote Viewings and so on. It’s a very organized group that has a lot of information that you can read for free, but none of this information is “easy” to understand. It would see that this group is trying their best to keep the scientific method as active as possible in a very pseudo-science-based activity.

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Many people want to know, is Remote Viewing real? There is a lot of people providing what seems to be scientific data that shows that Remote Viewing does have some validity to it, but on the opposing side there are holes in the studies provided which discredits most if not all of the claims. These discredited studies don’t mean that Remote Viewing is not possible, as in almost every scientific study conducted holes are found which can discredit the research entirely. What it does mean is that anyone interested in Remote Viewing should be very skeptical about their experiences as well as the data that they view showing its effectiveness.

Remote Viewing for me has turned into a small hobby. It’s fun to mess around with and have the idea that its possible for me to move around through my consciousness and experience things that I can’t possibly do physically. Remote Viewing resides in the same area of my brain that thinks that Out of Body Experiences are fun and entertaining. I am very skeptical about their practicality in the real world, but in my consciousness, they do lead to some creative thinking and an active imagination. I also don’t take these topics too seriously.

If you would like to take part in also having some fun with Remote Viewing, you can do so by joining our discussions online. Each week we have a new randomly generated image that we all try to Remote View and post our results from the previous week. The experience has been fun and entertaining, but again nothing is taken too seriously and not following the rigorous rules of the IRVA. In that sense, it is just for fun.

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