What Do Flying and Plane Crashing Dreams Mean?

​I get asked all the time what dreams mean and specifically what symbols and themes in dreams are trying to convey to the dreamer. One such topic of interest to many people is a dream which contains flying or the terrifying aspect which is crashing.

In a typical dream, interpretation images hold the content of the dream and are used in conjunctions with dream dictionaries to determine what the meaning is. I personally don’t limit the unconscious to a dictionary of words that mean specific things, however, when it comes to dreaming which has such iconic power such as flying, incorporating a universal concept into the interpretation is essential. With that in mind, let us take a look at flying and crashing and what comes up for us.

Flying Dreams Meaning

Most of my life, I have spent interested in the air in some form. I wanted to become an astronaut as a child and fantasized about the air. Later in life, I aimed a bit lower and was more interested in being a pilot and joined the military as a quick route to achieve this dream. Today my waking dream has shifted, but my goal is the same, to aim for the sky with my ideas and to be light in how I approach life. In the dreaming experiences of life, the story is much the same.

Flying Dreams as an Image for Exploring

When I dream of flying, a few things come up for me — the act of reaching high. If I am a bit too serious about life, I may have the dream of flying, which encourages me not to take things so seriously or maybe to use the imagination to see what is not in front of me. Dreams of traveling to new lands may also be implied on the dreams, possibly indicating a need to expand my thoughts to foreign concepts I never approached before. The key here is that whatever I find in the dream as giving me the most emotional feedback may need my attention.


Plane Crashing Dreams as an Image for needing Grounding

Plane crashing dreams are similar in form but are often scary or troubling. With plane crashing dreams, a story of my need to be more grounded in what I am doing in life, to focus on what is in front of me, or to set boundaries for myself or others so that I don’t crash in real life.

Plane Crashing Dreams Meaning

I’m not saying that this is the same for everyone, that is why it’s so important to see the main image in the dream and to give it the energy to see where it takes you. Focus on that image and let the imagination add in additional content to provide you with a more explicit message.

In my book, Hidden Gateways I go into great detail about how to do this for yourself and the importance of taking your dreams seriously because they give you a clearer image of what you desire or what is happening in the unconscious. Through dreams, we can build a relationship with this aspect of ourselves which we are typically cut off from in our waking life.

As I currently am flying on a plane as I now write this, the image of flying and crashing can seem genuine, however even the physical act and words we use to describe these actual events hold their symbolic meaning, which can be explored either awake or sleeping. They hold power for all of us as we look up in the sky and dream about what is possible and why it’s essential to be on the ground from time to time.

What questions do you have about flying or crashing, or what do these topics mean to you?

Lee is the creator of taileater.com as well as author of a number of published articles that deal with sleep, sleep paralysis, and lucid dreaming. Lee has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is currently studying at John F. Kennedy University for his Masters in Consciousness and Transformative Studies.

Lee Adams

Psychonaut, Consciousness Explorer, Taileaters.com

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