Alan Shoemaker Ayahuasca Medicine

In this episode of Cosmic Echo, we speak with Alan Shoemaker who is a medicine man as well as a healer living in South America. He has a long history of using Ayahuasca to help heal others and is very well known in his homeland of Iquitos Peru.

For more than 20 years Alan Shoemaker apprenticed with shamans in Ecuador and Peru, learning the traditional methods of ayahuasca preparation, the ceremonial rituals for its use, and how to commune with the healing spirit of sacred plant allies. Now a recognized ayahuasquero, he offers an insider’s account of the traditions of his two foremost teachers and mentors, Don Juan in the Peruvian Amazon, an ayahuasquero, and Valentin in Ecuador, a San Pedro shaman. Alan also hosts the Amazonian Shamanism Conference each year.

You can read more about Alan and get his book from his publisher Inner traditions 


Inner traditions a Bear Company


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