Many changes in the psychedelic community are being made. Psychedelics are being used in research to help with PTSD, depression, and many more psychological disorders. The research and the progression have come from individuals working hard in the background to make these things possible.

In September 2015 an Entheogenic Plant Sentience Symposium took place with some of the most influential and well-researched individuals on plant medicine and DMT. These amazing individuals were not there to talk about themselves, but rather the future of humanity and how DMT can affect our lives for the better in the future.

DMT Dialogues Rory Spowers

In this episode, we speak with Rory Spowers about his newest book DMT Dialogues: Encounters with the Spirit Molecule, which covers the Entheogenic Plant Sentience Symposium. Rory is is an ecological writer, filmmaker, and author. He is the founder of The Web of Hope, a UK charity and ecological education resource, and the creative director of the Tyringham Initiative. He lives in Ibiza, Spain.

Inner traditions a Bear Company

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