As psychedelics become more popular in our culture and more individuals seek out psychedelics for treatments for anything from depression to PTSD, it’s important that we stand back and take an honest look at the science behind these substances and what specifically they are doing to our minds. Much of what we find today on the internet about psychedelics talks about the benefits of these amazing substances, but is that all that we should be hearing? Do these substances have a negative side that could make our situations worse? What exactly are these substances doing to us that makes it so that we can reflect internally to be open to change? In a discussion, it’s important to hear both sides of the coin.

Many of these questions are the same questions that I have had for the last decade as I explored psychedelics myself. Personally using these substances and seeing both the positive side and the dark side of them has changed who I am and what my basic beliefs about reality are. I have explored the possibility of these substances transporting me to alternate dimensions, exploring spiritual aspects of myself, and diving deeper into my subconsciousness. But are these things truly taking me to other places? I think that it is important to really ask those hard questions to see what we can find.

James Kent has been asking those questions most of his life, and though he has been an avid user of psychedelics, his views on these substances have always been geared towards a more rational logical view. I admire him for this as his views have often caused controversy in the psychedelic community as most people are unwilling to hear about the darker side of psychedelics or even more simply the science behind them.

James Kent Psychedelic Information Theory

In this episode, we follow up with James Kent and talk about psychedelics as well as the psychedelic information theory or PIT. James talks about how his theory has held up over time and how current research has shown that many of his original assumptions about psychedelics have become accepted by modern science. Additionally, we talk about psychedelics, the positives, and negatives behind them, and also why some people experience hallucinations and some don’t.

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