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An Interview with Kenn Day

Have you ever wanted to become a shaman but didn’t know how to do so? Have you ever thought that something strange was going on in your life and that you may have a calling to do something with these strange and odd events taking place in your consciousness? For some of us being called to become a shaman is something that happens. Often it seems that people don’t pay attention to the calling, and because of that, they run into troubles along their journey, doing things that are counterproductive to their main journey. Others may hear the calling but try to act out their own intentions and run into different troubles along the way. With shamanism, it seems that it is important to not only answer the calling but to pay attention, to learn, and to be guided to express these skills to help and assist others.

Many of us wonder what it means to be a shaman and there are long-lasting debates as to what that means. Does this mean practicing under a Master so that you can learn their skills and ways and take them as your own? Does it mean helping others to heal and become whole, or does it mean practicing dark arts and aligning with spirits intended to take advantage of you? Those questions and more are answered in this interview.

shaman author teacher kenn day

In this episode, we speak with Kenn Day who is a shaman,  author, and teacher with over 30 years of experience. Kenn has a number of books that discuss his history with shamanism as well as guided lessons to help the reader become acquainted with the shamanistic world.

While we speak with Kenn, he discusses his history of shamanism and how he became aware of his ability and trained himself to be in touch with his spirit ally. Kenn also discusses how someone can exit their body while in a trance and also come back inside their body so that they can learn how to control the experience. Additionally, Kenn discusses how spirit and soul are not limited to one person but can be connected to others around us including the communities that we become part of.

Kenn Day’s books can be found through his publisher Moon Books, which offers additional books on paganism and shamanism.

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