Mike and Maurice’s Mind Escape

Mike and Maurice’s Mind Escape

Having long discussions about reality, consciousness, and even reindeer and the use of their urine in order to produce psychedelic effects can pay off. Someone on Reddit was discussing cultural uses of Amanita muscaria in Siberia and I commented on some graduate student telling me that this doesn’t occur. That’s where I met Mike from Mike and Maurice’s Mind Escape. Mike sent me a number of references informing me about the historical use of these mushrooms in the Siberian culture as well as their current use with these amazing fungus. In result, Mike also invited me to join them for a nice discussion on their podcast about my history with psychedelics, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, and shamanism. I personally have never been interviewed on a podcast before, but have interviewed a number of researchers in the past on Cosmic Echo, and decided that it would be great to try it out. I am glad I did.

About Mike and Maurice

Mike and his cousin Maurice grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and have a strong desire to learn about science, religion, archeology, art, music, esoteric works, and everything interesting in between. They dedicated their podcast to not only interview and discuss topics that they find interesting but also to connect with others who are interested in these subjects. Their hopes are to create a type of community that connects people like them together.

On the podcast, Mike shines by being a very professional host and sharing his own personal relationship to the topics we explored together. Maurice continued to liven the conversation with uplifting and often joyful comments that made me laugh to my core. Both together created an experience that I will continue to review and learn from.

Sleep Paralysis, Plant Medicine, and Shamanism with Lee Adams Episode #32

I cant say that I wasn’t a bit nervous about being interviewed. My personal worry was that I didn’t I have something profound to share with others especially those who listen to podcasts about psychedelics. I think my main worry was that I would not be able to achieve the level of professionalism and knowledge that I have received from past guests. I think that it is wise though to make the effort to go out of my comfort zone and to connect with those who are like-minded and share real stories with each other. It turned out well for me, and I hope others learn from this experience and do the same. We all have stories to tell and people are interested in hearing them. Next time someone like the Mike and Maurice’s Mind Escape tries to interview you, just do it. You will have fun and learn a ton along the way.

Lee is the creator of taileater.com as well as author of a number of published articles that deal with sleep, sleep paralysis, and lucid dreaming. Lee has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is currently studying at John F. Kennedy University for his Masters in Consciousness and Transformative Studies.

Lee Adams

Consciousness Explorer, Taileater.com

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