News reports are being released daily discussing how psychedelics can change our minds, save us from drug addiction, or cure us of our depression. How much of this information is correct? Are psychedelics saving people from their inner demons or is something else going on.

It is important to get the real information, the facts behind studies being conducted on people with PTSD and other psychological disorders and understand how psychedelics are helping people.

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Who would be better to tell us these facts than Don Lattin, author of Changing Our Minds: Psychedelic Sacraments and the New Psychotherapy. In this episode, I speak with Don who has been writing about psychedelics for more than two decades and fully understands and conveys the whole story in his work.

Don has a long history of exploring and understanding psychedelics. As a journalist, he has written about the history of psychedelics in his past books, Distilled Spirits and The Harvard Psychedelic Club which became a national bestseller.

In his newest book, Don provides us a glimpse into how psychedelics are being used today to help people overcome PTSD, addiction, and other psychological issues. He discusses in great detail how those studies are conducted and how psychedelics used therapeutically can be very helpful to those who need it most. He expresses what he sees the future to look like when it comes to the legalization of psychedelics, and how they can be utilized for medical purposes.

Don spoke to me about his personal experiences while writing the book, his history with the psychedelic community and how he became involved with those who were involved in psychedelics. We discuss his life as a journalist and how his approach to telling a story is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the study of psychedelics.

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