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As a huge fan of podcasts that dive into the depths of consciousness, it came as a no-brainer when we wanted to create our own. The objective for me was to create a podcast where it wasn’t just a bunch of guys talking about themselves, but rather a podcast where listeners could hear authors and experts talk about themselves. Too often did we find that when we were listening to podcasts that the people interviewing or hosting ended up being a bit too egocentric. It’s not about the host, in our opinions, it’s about learning.

Looking for a podcast that delves into the depths of your consciousness?

Our podcast applies a scientific viewpoint on the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states. We explore topics that pertain to consciousness, including philosophy, Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, sleep phenomenon and the science behind it, hallucinogens, shamanism, and more. We interview and discuss these topics with experts in the field and those who have experience in these areas and have credible information to share.

The reason we picked the name Cosmic Echo was that there is a central concept that we have focused on in Taileaters and our community. That history, which includes words and sounds is being repeated over and over. What is being said right now that hasn’t been said before in the history of the universe? Are we just repeating things over and over again? Well, the Cosmic Echo is based on that concept, that we are experiencing an echo through time, happening over and over again, like a reverberation of sound in the form of energy. Pretty far-out right? Well if you’re not into that idea, that’s okay, its just a name and our podcast is focused on bringing out new content that hopefully isn’t constantly being repeated at least in the known history of humanity.

no sleep podcast alternative that scares you

No Sleep Podcast has nothing on our stories. Ours are real…

Our goal isn’t to make the best psychonauts podcast in the world, our podcast making goal is to make something different. We are not looking to copy people but rather provide a different type of podcast that appeals to people. If your an avid fan of the No Sleep Podcast, well our podcast may be something you would be interested in as many of the stories that our authors and experts discussed can be scary and frightening, but are always true. With that, I would say that our podcast can be even more intense than the No Sleep Podcast. Of course, our goal isn’t to make a scary podcast, but rather something you can enjoy learning about real people and real experiences.

A Psychedelic Podcast

Cosmic Echo stands out from other highly recommended podcasts due to our approach. Our goal in our psychonauts Podcast is to promote a more scientific view on experiences as well as opinions that people have. We actively go out of our way to research the authors that we interview, making sure that they are someone who knows what they are talking about in their subject or field and then we center on the facts. Experiences are also real, they happened to someone and that is why they are sharing them, but it doesn’t mean that the experience is a truth. There are objective and subjective experiences, and we try to focus on the objective. With that psychedelic experiences and podcasts that review those experiences often tend to rely on the less scientific view of reality, such as the most recent DMT is the spirit molecule craze. Let’s be real here and talk about facts while having fun. Past interviews have included experts on Ayahuasca and Shamanism such as Steve Beyer. We also diversify our talks with individuals and go all over the place, including discussions about dreams and other altered states of consciousness, interviewing dream experts like Ryan Hurd from Dream Studies. We keep our minds open and yours too!

psychedelic podcast for those interested in expanding their consciousness

What is a Psychonaut?

Since we are focused around being a psychonaut podcast, what does that mean? Often people think drugs when they think psychonaut. We would rather talk about definitions:

Psychonaut – “a sailor of the soul” refers both to a practice and method for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness.

psychonaut is the sailor of the soul

That’s pretty open for interpretation of how you go about practicing being a psychonaut. So with that, the Cosmic Echo Podcast scope is pretty wide. We may discuss plant consciousness with an expert who studies plants or discuss the use of 5-MeO-DMT with an author who has had a vast amount of experiences, either way, we are discussing consciousness or how to be a better sailor of the soul (or cat).

An Interesting Podcast

When it comes to making our psychonauts podcast our overall goal is to make an interesting podcast that challenges you as a listener. We want to make sure that you get something from your time listening to us babble on and because of that we want to make sure to focus on what is important, good information. If you enjoy our podcast please subscribe as that will tell us that we are doing something good for the community.

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