Psychedelic Podcast

Psychedelic Podcast

If your one of those people who enjoy listening to people discuss psychedelics, then you are not alone. Today more and more people are listening to podcasts that feature psychedelic enthusiast discussing their favorite trips as well as discussions about drug reform and “How to Change Your Mind” with the use of psychedelics.

Looking for a podcast that explores the psychedelic experience?

When we first started to listen to podcasts there weren’t the high-end production values that we get out of what is shown today. Especially when it came to podcasts dealing with psychedelics. Now there is a lot of podcasts to choose from including some very popular ones like The Joe Rogan Experience where he dives deep into the science behind psychedelics interviewing authors and scientists in their field. Still, though there is room for an alternative psychedelic podcast.

Alternative Psychedelic Podcast

Every podcast has its own feel to it. Typically most podcasts have discussions inside of them with the hosts, where they tend to talk more about themselves, their lives, and what they are doing. This can be seen in podcasts that deal with psychedelics in a higher rate due to the nature of the discussion that is taking place. Psychedelic Salon which is one of our favorite podcasts, does this often, along with others like Psychedelic Milk. Joe Rogan also does this as well, inviting guests that he fines important to his life such as MMA fighters, which doesn’t seem to fit into his narrative that the other hosts present. The goal behind these personal dives into the host’s lives is done so that people can relate to the hosts and their content, but what is generated is often confusion as to what the listener is going to get from their podcast.

Psychedelic Podcast Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience is a great Psychedelic Podcast

Cosmic Echo Podcast

Though we would like to call ourselves experts in our field of psychedelics, we are not the experts. With Cosmic Echo Podcast, our goal is to create a podcast where you get to listen to the experts, not the host, talk about what they know. Additionally, the goal is to create a consistent dialog so that you know what you are going to get when it comes to listening to the show, and that from that you can learn from professionals who have researched and explored psychedelics.

If you are into hearing discussions take place that doesn’t necessarily have experts, we got that covered too. Our team has created TAILEATERS discussions which focuses more on ordinary people who have had experiences with psychedelics as well as other altered consciousness states, discussing those topics. You as a listener can also become part of the conversation there and join one of our live events that we host where you can express your own opinions and feelings on the subject.

Not Bashing Other Psychedelic Podcasts

Hey, we are not here to bash other peoples podcasts, and hopefully, you don’t get that from this article. There are lots of great podcasts out there on psychedelics, but our goal is to create something different. If you are looking for a psychedelic podcast that provides you with an alternative narrative, why not give us a try.

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